In Brackets is an optical store with a clear branding.Thanks to us

OpticLab in Ternopil needed updating. This is an optical store that has been helping people to see better for over 4 years. So together with the founder we decided to correct the clarity also here :)

After an ophthalmologist's appointment, clients distinguish between a garbage bag and a cat on the street. You can wave "hello" and be sure that this is exactly that friend. And not a single smile of your family will pass by your eyes.

And this is what the company helps with

When you get a negative experience with the wrong prescription, poor quality lenses or a frame that doesn't fit, you just give it up

So you live with an opinion that "the glasses are not for me" or you convince yourself "but I have a good eyesight"


Therefore, we did our best to make as many people as possible learn about quality service and optics. Perceived the glasses as a stylish accessory, and were not afraid to choose a frame online


Brackets hold the most important things: valuable clarifications, hidden meanings and cool jokes

(In brackets) also hold the most important thing - your clear vision :)

The name represents the specifics of the store and its customers. They do not want to miss anything, so they put on the brackets

Updated (In Brackets) was created to help people feel confident

It's about style, functionality and comfort. And it is trusted.

We have included these features in the new logo, which expresses the name of the store

While we passed many tests to check vision and color perception, we noticed how modern the equipment is. Unusual geometric shapes and several basic shades on which the tests are based immediately stand out. So we took that as a basis for identity.

This is how interesting shapes, gradients and brackets appeared. Now you can train your eyesight by following the lines on packages, bags and posters (In Brackets)

The most stylish page of optics on Instagram, which you will not miss, even with poor eyesight

The page attracted the attention of customers and led to the main marketplace - the site

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