Sofi Flowers helps people show how they feel

Sofi Flowers helps people show how they feel.

Each flower has its own meaning, its own history, its own intention.And they are based not on symbolic roles, but on the feelings of the person who gives the bouquet.

So based on these feelings and moods, we rebranded the flower shop

The competition in the flower market is huge, so the store should stand out among competitors. To do this, we have proposed changes both in the digital environment and in the offline store

Empathy, aesthetics and knowledge of their work. We built a communication strategy on these definitions


Every story, post, message must show the company's ideals. Our team wrote down the values of the brand, its manifesto and possible ways to promote it

Dark deep tones emphasize status and allow you to experiment with visuals on Instagram

And the color scheme should remain varied and rich

We have developed logos, fonts and media: insta, postcards, ribbons

We reinforced our communication strategy with a stylish design, and based on this we launched SMM


Our production team shot photo & video content, and the designers added graphic visualizations. With the new style and content the spring came on Sofi Flowers’s page. The store has become bright, recognizable and warm

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