Rebranding of the beauty space focused on hair services andcreating a new visual identity.

What are your expectations when you sign up for a haircut and coloring?
Excellent service, impeccable results, and earned comments from loved ones – it's sonorous cool. But not right in this.

The desire to dye and cut hair here and now arises from the thirst for change. And it was this insight that we whispered while working on the complete rebranding of the former Your Hair Club. So now it's Zmina. The one that causes admiration (@zmina.kyiv).

Salon specialists make a fantastic combo with a careful approach, your skills, and your dreams.And we have developed a new name, logo design, printing, and leather trinkets, with which you can peregrinate clients and clients under someone's staff under the brand.

We were impressed by our cooperation with Zmina. And hopefully, it was mutual.

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