Inside is a new modern sexshop.
The main goal is sex modernization
and advance of selflove.

We have developed a full cycle of branding services — naming, concept, strategy, identity, promotion in social networks. INSIDE is an aesthetic sex shop in Ukraine. This brand is a symbiosis for a variety of requests. INSIDE is opposed to stereotypes and restrictions.
INSIDE modernizes sex.

Flexible identity concept with multiple graphic ways of brand disclosure.
The logo with the geometry of the grapheme of an antique font (which we remember when we talk about fashion/magazines) and the softness of friendly sans (soft/round font) visualizes the image of that very adult personality that has been formed but has not lost its madness, lightness, and individuality.

The identity retains the overall direction and impression, but has the potential for development — visualizes the balance when the personality fits the situation but does not lose himself.

We continue to provide services of SMM, production, influence-marketing, site development, promotion in social networks now.

At the moment, the INSIDE site is visited by 50k users a month, we have developed a minimalistic and legible online store, through which provides the main part of sales


users a month

Currently, the Instagram page has 57k organic active subscribers and 25k stories views per day. There are 5k organic readers on the telegram for 5 months of existence, and also on 200k views in a tik-tok

stories views
views in a tik-tok
readers on the telegram

We have developed design and promotion for our own products. Scented candles, socks for sex, and love gel – favorites of INSIDE fans.

We have developed a content concept and created unique formats for the industry. By production and communication, we broadcast that visiting a sex shop is stylish, status, and cool. INSIDE is a media, a magazine, is an educational platform that customers follow every day for years and constantly re-order out of love for the brand

We created the optimal packaging and implemented the launch plan step by step.

We have prepared a great creative press kit for bloggers "Delivery of pleasure"

And also we select medalists with niche and loyal bloggers, expanding the audience every month

Press kit
Delivery of pleasure

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