goodmama makes gadgets and
sports complexes for children

goodmama makes gadgets and sports complexes for children of the most caring parents.

Their materials are only natural wood and love.We had seen how respectfully business owners approach every order. All measurements, parts, sticks and ropes are thoroughly checked.

Therefore, we could not rebrand it in a different way.So here it is, an updated goodmama

We were creating the strategy as consciously and diligently, as this brand feels about parenthood and child care


In the brand's long run, they planned to enter new markets, so our task was to integrate into this plan the appropriate marketing tools:


Assortment policy optimization


Creating a modern identity


Development of communication and content recommendations


Website update, implementation of the “create your own design” items

We wanted to make a logo similar to the gadget itself: laconic, clear and not boring.

And we have done this — it can be examined for a few minutes to discover new and new details


The logo, due to its simplicity, corresponds to the brand's goals to enter new markets. All elements are clear to every client no matter what country he is from

Cubes are a symbol of childhood. All of them are painted with details of game gadgets, which we have turned into graphic elements. There you can also see the steering wheel which is held by the hand, and the climbing wall that has to be lifted. The laconic font symbolizes a adult, who always cares about their family.

All this care was reflected on packaging, branded tape and printed instructions. Branded items accompanied the customer from the first contact to the delivery.

A unique solution was to create a product constructor. It showed the approach of production to individual taste and needs.

We have also created a collection of 72 3D-visuals with the product range so that customers can easily see all the details and differences between models.

All these innovations have improved the customer experience when using the website

For convenience, our team filmed and edited video instructions, and also formed a printed version for each model


So the questions like "what should I do with all this?" wouldn’t exist.

Everything is formulated, shown and executed step by step in the instructions. You can design your gadget in real-time via video or follow the steps of a booklet

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