Cooker is an online supermarketfor which we have developed SMM, influence marketing and a good quality production

Cooker is the fastest Ukrainian online supermarket.

It's simple: 30 minutes and a supply of fresh food is in your fridge. To any point of the city. Even your picnic in the park will not run out of food :)

Videos have become the best option to show the service speed

Communication with the audience

We styled fashion shootings for couriers and introduced those who save shopping time to subscribers. This is how we talked about ordinary people who work so that you can quickly set the table before the arrival of guests

Fast delivery to influencers, who then shared about service quality with their audiences, was also quite successful.

We ran a large advertising campaign with bloggers:



total reach




All this helped Ukrainians to learn about Cooker

Our team shot video recipes and made situational 3D-motions

Along with stylized videos and photos, this content was used on Cooker’s social media and ads

In addition, we released 3 videos for a large-scale promotion on YouTube

Millions of coverage and page views have been made during the collaboration. Just look at these numbers!





dialogues were conducted by our community manager


page coverage






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